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Welcome to aryadanshoukath.com.This website is not only a pace to see the visions and missions of Aryadan Shoukath but also his endeavor in reaching the hearts and minds of people around Nilambur and to the world. In an Endeavour to reach critical messages to the public Mr.Aryadan Shoukath has penned many stories and translated them to cinema. All his writings deliver a socio – secularist message which is varied and appropriate to the context.

Cannoli’s Plot

The teak plantation, which is also known by the name of Conolly’s Plot, is a vast plot that extends over a total area of 2.31 hectares.

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Adyanpara Waterfall

Located in the village of Kurmbalangod in the Nilambur Taluk, is the Adyanpara Waterfalls that is surrounded by dense forest cover. People here, believe that the water from this waterfall is naturally purified and has medicinal properties.
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About 18 km from the region of Nilambur is the rain forest by the name of Nedumkayam. Within the rain forest, is an old wooden house that was built during the British colonial days.

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Suspension Bridge

This hanging bridge lies across the Chaliyar river. It dangles when someone steps on it or when there is a slight breeze.

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Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden is one of the major  attractions of Nilambur tourism. The butterfly garden is situated at the premises of teak museum.

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Teak Museum

The only urban museum in the world dedicated to teak trees is located at Nilambur, the Eco tourism hub of Malabar.

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  • Like in many other aspects Kerala has a way to lead India and now the Nilambur Grama Panchayath in Kerala has yet again excelled by attaining total primary literacy. Aryadan Shoukath has the vision for modern India and the determination to implement several developmental projects which has resulted in making positive changes for society at large.  I endorse my appreciation and support for all his future endeavors.
    Shri. R L Bhatia
    Hon. Governor of Kerala. Jan 8, 2008
  • ‘Dowry Free Village’ is an innovative project implemented by the Nilambur Grama Panchayath which would shake the very foundation of the dowry system. This is a bench mark for everyone to reach to and to ensure social justice in a society.  I appreciate and congratulate Aryadan Shoukath for implementing such progressive projects which will facelift Nilambur.
    Shri. V S Achuthanandan
    Former Chief Minister of Kerala. 6th March 2010
  • The revolutionary movement to eradicate dowry custom from a society through an innovative project ‘Dowry Free Village’, implemented by the Nilambur Grama Panchayath, is a remarkable step forward to attain social justice. I wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts taken by Aryadan Shoukath to intervene with such agility to make a world of change in a society.
    Sachin pilot Interaction
    Mr. Sachin Pilot
    Feb, 2010
  • We live in an era in which  the essence of political work is fading into thin air. It is our pride and expectation to have a leader like Aryadan Shoukath, who knows the pulse of his people and delivers accordingly. His people in return give him unconditional support to perform effectively and this gives hope to politics of the future.
    Mr. Renjith
    Film Director & Social Worker. 13th Jan,2013
  • Aryadan Shoukath, is a very young, enterprising, smart and promising leader. It is with great confidence that I say that the future of the co-operative movement lies in his hands to take it to greater heights. I hope, I wish and I pray that he is able to carry forward this legacy from the people of Nilambur to the people of Kerala and further on to the people of India.
    Shri. Nikhil Kumar
    Hon. Governor of Kerala. 23rd June, 2013