Life Sketch

“My family upbringing and the values I have imbibed of integrity, Discipline, Compassion, dedication and service to the public has always stood me in my deeds…”

Aryadan Shoukath is a powerful activist of Secularism and a relentless fighter against religious obscurantism.

Aryadan Shoukath is a man with a vision through a spectrum. He discovers opportunities embedded deep to serve the public. For him Politics is an instrument for bringing about all round development. He believes that service and development leads the way for better public Service, Which strengthens the base and values a political party stands for. His clear vision and perfect understanding of the needs of the masses has helped him bring effective changes to benefit the common man.

In an Endeavour to reach critical messages to the public Mr.Aryadan Shoukath has penned many stories and translated them to cinema. All his writings deliver a socio – secularist message which is varied and appropriate to the context. His cinemas have always instilled a thought for people to ponder and q9hence make a change in the mind set and attitude. ‘Padam Onnu Oru Vilapam’ (Lesson one A Wail), ‘Daivanamathil’ (In the Name Of God), ‘Vilapangalkappuram’ (Beyond the Wail) are films he storied and produced. These films received International acclaim.

A Visionary Performer

Mr. Aryadan Shoukath, a visionary performer is perfect at tapping resources to enable him bring about effective changes in the society. His willingness to accept suggestions and make his programs people inclusive have helped achieve an illustrious tenure in all the capacities served.

In recognition of his dedication and innovative approach to administration and development during his tenure Nilambur Grama Panchayath was awarded the

Second best Panchayath (Green Kerala Express State Government),

Best Panchayat State Government Award,

National Literacy Award for the first Panchayath in India to attain 100% Primary Literacy


Many more recognitions by the State Government in the form of Awards have been received.

A Secular Activist

Secularism for Mr.Aryadan Shoukath is respecting all communities for what their personnel beliefs are, at the same time, intervening to create awareness on equality beyond color, creed or cast. Educating people on important social/secular issues and providing a support system to sustain harmony and social justice.

Early Days of Activism

Aryadan Shoukath learned the initial lesson of Secularism and Patriotism at a very young age. Born in to a political family, Mr.Aryadan Mohammed his father, through his political activities showcased the opportunities that lie in the politics to serve the people and change a mindset for the development of a society both socially and infrastructural.  Mr. Aryadan Shoukath grew up realizing the revolutionary changes made by his father which inspired him.

Mr. Aryadan Shoukath made his entry in to politics as a School Parliament Leader;  his involvement was appreciated much and he was elected the Unit President and Taluk Secretary of Kerala Students Union. Later on he went on to become the Youth Congress Office bearer at the Block level as well as the District Level. His intensive and progressive work led him to the President’s Post of the Youth Congress in Nilambur Taluk Region. He worked relentlessly to strengthen the party organization in urban and rural areas of the district.

In 2005 Mr.Aryadan Shoukath successfully contested elections for Nilambur Grama Panchayath and became the President of Nilambur Grama Panchayath, under his leadership the party organization spread its wings all over the Taluk. The Nilambur Grama Panchayath witnessed development in all sectors, be it education, infrastructure, Tribal upliftment, Women empowerment or social welfare. This paved way for Nilambur Grama Panchayath to become Nilambur Municipality in the year 2010

Congress acquired a spectacular victory yet again in 2010 and the leadership, Mr.Aryadan Shoukath was appointed to the post of Chairman of the Nilambur Municipality. This was an endorsement of Mr.Aryadan Shoukath’s dedication towards his services to people and established his organizational powers beyond doubt. He was inducted as the Chairman of Nilambur Municipality.

Mark on Governance

Mr.Aryadan Shoukath’s intelligible style of Governance has earned such high levels of reputation. Mr.Aryadan Shoukath transformed Govt. Manavedan Vocational Higher Secondary School making one of the most beautiful Child Friendly Schools setting a bench mark for other Government schools in Kerala. His compassion for the poor and despaired, strived him to provide “1000 Homes – Shelter for the Homeless” to the most needy. In an attempt to provide better medical facilities to the ordinary people he pioneered a project to expand the Nilambur Taluk Govt.Hospital’s inpatient capacity by constructing new blocks and making a well equipped ICU. He initiated the first of its kind Kidney Dialysis Unit which is well equipped and self sustained to give free kidney dialysis to patients.

Empowering Women is the first and foremost solution for a self sustainable peaceful society. “Vazhikatti – Community College” a project that provide training for women in various fields and help provide employment has seen many women now employed and self sufficient. His trust area has always remained the economic and social upliftment of the have note.

Mr.Aryadan Shoukath’s achievements standout in the infrastructural developments of Nilambur. He pioneered the concept of Public Private Participation (PPP) in many of his projects in Nilambur.

His innovative initiations include:

A state of the art Bus Stand in the heart of the city. Funds were converged from the Public as to provide for the infrastructure. This project did not avail of and funds from the Municipality.

Another mark on his administered stints is a unique Kidney Dialysis Unit in Nilambur Taluk Govt. Hospital with 10 Kidney Dialysis machines all of which were sponsored by private parties. This first of its kind Dialysis Unit enable the general public to avail free dialysis for critically ill patients which is a relief for those who might already be spending a future on medication.

The Taxi Stand and Fish Market are among some of the projects which follow the PPP formula, for those projects only the land was from the Municipality but the design, construction and completion saw total Public – Private – Participation.

The Eastern Corridor Tourism Project is a mile stone in developing Tourism in Nilambur which has much potential, this was an attempt never made before.  In co-operation with State Tourism Dept and State Forest Dept this innovative project initiated transform the Entrance to Nilambur by providing Rest Areas, Pavement Kiosks and a Children’s Park. In an attempt to connect all the tourist spots like Cannoly’s PlotTeak MuseumAdyanpara Water FallsNedumkayam Forest and Keralakundu Water Falls all weather road connectivity was established. The Old DFO Bungalow is being developed as a Historical Museum for Nilambur has a lot to offer to tourism, when we speak of its rich history.

In an attempt to make Drinking Water available to every household in and around all Panchayaths surrounding Nilambur, he initiated project to collect river water, treat it and supply treated water through a network of pipelines to reach every household in Nilambur and surrounding Panchayaths.

Mr. Aryadan Shoukath never lets an opportunity slip his mind particularly when it comes to the Development of an already rich environment. He Networks ideas and thoughts and involves the public participation and helps in implementation through guidance.

Social Outlook, Professional Approach

A successful entrepreneur, Mr.Aryadan Shoukath tops the list of progressive leaders who have profound concerns for socio-economic development and environmental protection. He strives to change a mindset for the betterment of the society at large. Mr.Aryadan Shoukath ponders over social issues and cones out with prompt ideas and intervention so that these are dealt with amicably and in the interest of the people.

It is Mr.Aryadan Shoukath’s professional approach in all his endeavors that results in optimum results. Mr.Aryadan Shoukath delivers with intensity and creates an impact on the changes that take place. His steady growth and popularity is a proof of his professionalism.

An Empathic Communicator:

Mr. Aryadan Shoukath has been an affluent and effective communicator, be it in the capacity of an orator or a writer, or through his cinema. He is among the few politicians who enthralls hundreds of youth telling them the importance of entrepreneurship and development. Mr.Aryadan Shoukath never misses an opportunity to connect to people on the issues prevailing in our society be it Child Rights, Women Empowerment, need for Secularist approach or Patriotism which he showcases for everyone to imbibe. Mr.Aryadan Shoukath’s speeches instigate a passion through simplicity. Mr.Aryadan Shoukath’s ability to address diverse issues concerning all sectors of the society with enables him to bond with people effectively.

A firm believer in Integral Humanism:

Mr.Aryadan Shoukath truly believes in the concepts of Integral Humanism and trusteeship. More importantly, he has established that he can walk the talk and make his commitment to the cause of people’s welfare reflect through his governance. It was under his leadership that Nilambur Grama Panchayath have implemented many projects such as Jyothirgamaya – Primary Education for all, 1000 Houses – Shelter for the Homeless, Dowry Free Village – Awareness as well as provides support system for making Dowry Free alliances, Oppathinoppam – Empowering Dalits and Adivasis, Vardhagyakala Suraksha – Senior Citizen Security Scheme, Sahaja – Rehabilitation scheme for women, Health Awareness Program for Schedule CastVishappurahitha Gramam – Hunger Free Village, Swastham – Helping Hand For Bedridden Patients, Balasuraksha – Child developments, Vazhikatty – Community College,  Sadgamaya – A comprehensive educational program for Govt. Schools, Sameeksha – 10th for all under the age group of 40yrs etc. It is his conviction that each position and authority must have only one objective, welfare of the public.

Contribution to Cinema


Mr.Aryadan Shoukath is a visionary with art in his heart. In an endeavor to reach crucial messages to the public he has penned many scripts and transformed them in to Cinema. Mr.Aryadan Shoukath’s cinemas have always instilled a thought in the society to ponder and hence make a change in the mindset and attitude.

Paadam Onnu Oru Vilaapam (Lesson one A Wail) – 2003

One of the short stories of Mr.Aryadan Shoukath called ‘Shahina’ was made in to a cinema called ‘Paadam Onnu Oru Vilaapam’ (Lesson one A Wail) in the year 2003. The story was about the childhood marriage in Muslim community and the story evolved from happenings around him. The movie received three National Awards and five State Awards. (Best Story, Best Actress, Best Social Welfare Film)

Daivanamathil (In the Name Of God) – 2006

Mr. Aryadan Shoukath wrote the story for a movie called ‘Daivanamathil’ (In the Name Of God) was produced by him in 2006 and the story evolved around a Muslim Secularist fighting against the Islamic Militants. The film won 2 National Awards including Nargis Dutt Award and 4 State Awards.

Vilapangalkappuram (Beyond the Wail – 2009

Mr. Aryadan Shoukath wrote the story for movie called ‘Vilapangalkappuram’ (Beyond the Wail) was produced by him in 2009. The story was about a girl who ran away from the riots in Gujarat to Kerala. It won 4 state awards.

Mr.Aryadan Shoukath has been an invitee to 26 major International Film Festivals organized in America, Europe and Asia. His films were screened in 30 major International Film Festivals worldwide and immensely appreciated for the sense of art and the value it conveyed.

Best Asian film Award from Bangladesh International Film Festival

Best Indian Film Award from Madrid

Best Indian Film from Springs Film Festival.

A Globe Trotter:

As someone who believes in learning things first hand, Mr. Aryadan Shoukath has traversed the globe in his quest to gain latest knowledge in varied fields in which he is active. Mr. Aryadan Shoukath intensively participated in discussions and presentations during international conferences on Government Decentralization program held in South Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh.